We provide home buyers and homeowners with custom-tailored mortgage solutions, and educate them on their options so they can make confident, informed choices that best suit their needs. We help our clients obtain financing on their home, whether that be a new purchase, a switch, or a refinance. We offer genuine, complete, and expert information, and are positive yet aggressive with lenders so that we can get the deal done. We work for you - our client! - to obtain the best deal and get you approved.


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A purchase mortgage is a mortgage to purchase a home. This could be your first home, second home, rental or a home for a family member. There are many programs available to buyers such as the first time home buyers plan, purchase plus improvements, stated income, and more.


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Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Every mortgage comes up for renewal after the term has expired. This is typically every 1-10 years. Did you know that 27% of home owners resign the mortgage renewal without speaking to someone? You could be leaving a lot of money on the table. When your mortgage comes up for renewal, you have the ability to switch your mortgage to another bank, usually with no extra cost.


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Are you looking for some extra cash to pay off credit cards? Lines of credits? CRA debt? Car loan? You may also need to access the money in your home to help family, or buy another house. There are many reasons people refinance their home. Most lenders allow you to refinance your home to 80% of its value. This allows you to take out cash and apply it in other parts of your life where it is needed.


Beyond financing, we have many contacts to assist you throughout the entire process. Between our network of lawyers, accountants, realtors, insurance advisors, personal loan officers, and investment advisors, we have you covered for all of your personal and financial needs.

Our greatest offering is education; we are here to help you, and make this process as easy, fun, and exciting as possible.


My experience with Tori was nothing short of exceptional. The information and options for different mortgages were clearly explained which provided me with the confidence I needed in my final decision. I was extremely impressed by Tori’s engagement in the home purchasing process and felt like she went above and beyond to ensure that I felt supported.




Mortgages are not only offered by big banks, there are numerous alternate lenders and private mortgages as well, each with different rates and options within the mortgage. Because there are so many options available to buyers, education is essential.

Understand the fine print

When making a significant financial decision, it’s important to work with a professional to understand the nuances - the fine print - of the investment.

No extra cost

In the large majority of cases, the broker is directly compensated by financial institutions, allowing clients to access their expertise at no direct cost to them.

Licensed Service

Mortgage brokers in Alberta are required to obtain a license with the Real Estate Council of Alberta, a governing body that sets, regulates, and enforces standards for real estate professionals. Banks do not require that their in-house mortgage professionals obtain this license.


Tori goes above and beyond to help out! She was able to help me with a difficult mortgage quickly and efficiently! I will definitely be coming back to her in the future!
— TOM W.